Optical Design
Written by Microsharp
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 We use industry standard software packages such as Zemax, LightTools and TracePro and have also developed a wide range of our own proprietary tools for specific applications. 

We are able to design and model lens structures and optical systems including ;

  • Classical optical component design.
  • Optical simulation using Zemax, Mathematica and bespoke software.
  • Optics for displays.
  • Fabrication, lithography and replication of micro-optics and nanophotonics.
  • Concentrated Photovoltaic Optics.
  • Concentrated Solar (Thermal) Optics.
  • LED system optics.
  • Novel optical effects for Security Printing.
  • Linear prism structures.
  • Lenticulars for 3D printing and auto-stereoscopic displays.
  • Micro lens arrays.
  •  Diffraction gratings.