OLED100.eu update Nov 2011

European research project OLED100.eu celebrates successful advancement of novel light source technology.

 Upon its official termination today, the European research project OLED100.eu celebrates the achievement of important advancements in bringing organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) closer to market introduction in general lighting. Fifteen companies and research institutes from six European countries have been working on this goal since September 2008.

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Micosharp Corporation involvement in OLED100.eu

Microsharp’s role within OLED100.eu was  to design and manufacturing micro-structured films to optimise out-coupling from glass to air for a range of OLED devices.

 A large proportion of the light produced by OLED’s is trapped as ‘waveguide modes’ inside the OLED due to the effects of total internal reflection, particularly at the substrate/air interface.  In effect, a lot of the light rays emitted at angles away from the vertical cannot come out of the OLED as they ‘see’ the interface with air as a mirrored surface. A surface structured out-coupling film enables these waveguided modes to be emitted by changing the incident angle of the light rays. The result is a gain of 30% - 70% in the total light emitted by the OLED.

Microsharp is now able to supply out-coupling films up to 300mm by 300mm in area. We are also able to provide guidance on the lamination process and, if required, provide lamination services.

Leveraging learning gained within the project, Microsharp is undertaking further work to develop and market a range of next generation out-coupling structures with additional beam angle control features.