UV Lacquers
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Key to many of Microsharp's new optical film developments is its capability to develop and optimize UV curable lacquers for UV cast roll-to-roll manufacturing of surface relief optical films. In order to enable such optical films to meet customer requirements, many aspects have to be optimised, including:

  • Transparency
  • Temperature resistance
  • Refractive index
  • Profile
  • Adhesion to base film
  • Antistatic properties

Microsharp is often able to work with clients to either develop completely new lacquers meeting a required specification, or take an existing lacquer and modify it to meet requirements that were previously unachievable.

If you wish to purchase Microsharp lacquers please contact us for a quote. Microsharp will cooperate to develop new UV curable lacquers meeting your requirements.

High refractive index lacquers

High refractive index polymers can be defined as those with a refractive index above 1.55. Microsharp has developed and filed patents for a set of UV curable lacquer compositions, which cover the refractive index range from 1.55 to 1.61. In accordance with the application, an optical film is generally required to have a specific refractive index. For example, a given light redirecting film will only redirect light through the desired angle if the refractive index of the material is within a narrow range of values.


Light transmission for collimating
prismatic film using high refractive index