Written by Microsharp
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Microsharp produces custom lens arrays to specific customer specifications. We also have a number of development structures that can be made available as evaluation samples. Please contact us for details.







These structures are used in a range of applications including

  • OLED outcoupling
  • Electronic Displays
  • 3D Imaging
  • Security printing (labels and packaging)
  • General Lighting

Arrays can be produced with the following parameters


Typical lens parameters:-
Lens height 5  - 100 microns
Lens diameter 10 - 100 microns
Lens shape Spherical, Aspherical Custom (pyramidal, hipped roof, etc)
Array type Hexagonal Packed, Square Packed
Array size: Up to 1000mm width and 600mm length.
Film substrates PET, PMMA, PC (others upon request)
Structure material UV cured, acrylic based lacquers