Linear Fresnel
Written by Microsharp
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Linear Fresnel lenses focus collimated light (e.g. Sunlight) to a strip in one dimension.

Alternatively they can be used to collimate a linear lightsource (such a strip of LED's).      

They are used mainly in Thermal Concentrated Solar (CSP) and Low Concentration PV applications



Design Service

Microsharp offers a comprehensive lens design service to develop lenses that meet individual customers' exact specifications.

Using proprietary software tools, we are able to design and model all aspects of  optics performance  quickly and accurately.

Our design and modelling service includes the following parameters.

  • Focal length and focal spot size optimisation
  • On-axis optical efficiency measurement
  • Off-axis tolerance analysis
  • Secondary optics design and dimensioning



Lens Formats

Microsharp produces Linear Fresenl structures in a variety of formats.



Design Parameters (when used in Solar concentrator units)


Single sheet width Up to 1000mm
Multiple sheet width Up to 5000mm
Focal length Approximately 1-2 times width
Optimum concentration (without secondary optic) X10 - X20 suns
Optimum concentration ratio (with secondary optic)        X20 - X50 suns


Lens Construction

Structures are produced on the surface of films of between 100 and 500 microns thickness. If required the Fresenl film can be bonded to a sheet structure to provide additional rigidity



Samples and Evaluation Kits

We have a number of  lens structures and constructions that are available as evaluation samples.


The following films and laminated sheets are avaible as evaluation kits and samples.

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