Lenticular Structures
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 We produce high precision, ultra fine lenticular structures using a continuous UV casting process.

Structures with pitches in the range of  75LPI to over 350LPI are possible.

Such fine structures have a very short focal length which means that it is possible to create back focusing films on very thin substrates (typically 100 - 250 microns).

Thinner films not only save on material costs but are also more flexible and easier to laminate which provides advantages particularly in label production and processing.

The nature of the UV casting and our proprietary tooling development enables us to replicate such structures with the extreme accuracy required with such fine structures.

The pitch of individual structures can be controlled to sub micron levels with drift across the width of the film limited to less than 2 microns over a 10cm film width.



  • As  high efficiency diffusers in general lighting applications (read more)
  • For 3D and lenticluar printing (read more) 

Custom Design

Microsharp can design, develop and manufacture specific structures to individual customer specifications within the following parameters.



Products from stock

We produce and sell 2 lenticular film products. These are available in reel or sheet form. Maximum structure width is 1000mm (structure runs parallel to the direction of the roll length)


Sample Kits

A lenticular sample kit can be ordered via this website (follow link)