Film Designs
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We specialise in developing innovative and often complex structured optical films to meet the specific customer requirements.

The structures we produce including prisms, lenticulars, Fresnels and microlenses that can be either linear and uniform or variable and non uniform.

 Micro and nano strutures with heights from less than 10 nanometer up to 100 microns can be achieved in film widths up to 1 meter wide.


Ultra fine, structures used in 3D printing,  auto stereoscopic displays and as LED diffusers.

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Applications include OLED out coupling films, security printing and lighting applications.

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Metallised Prismsfilms_prism_1

Used in applications  requiring controlled angle reflection or selective reflection.

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Radial Fresnelfilms_radial_1

Used in HCPV  solar concentrator modules, display and lighting applications.

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Linear Fresnelfilms_linear_1

Focus light in one dimension, used in low concentration PV and solar thermal applications.

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UV Curing Lacquersfilms_films

We can formulate and supply UV curing lacquers to customer specification.

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Prismatic Filmsfilms_prism_1

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical structures used in multiple applications.

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