Solar Thermal Systems
Written by Microsharp
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Linear Fresnel lenses focus sunlight in one dimension to a strip.

They are used in  Concentrated Thermal Solar (CSP) systems to focus sunlight onto heat collection pipes and in low concentration PV systems to concentrate sunlight onto strips of PV material. 

The optimal concentration ratio of a primary lens is in the region of X15 - X20 suns. If a secondary optic is used the total system concentration ration can be up to X50 with reasonable tracking tollerance. 


Lens Dimensions

Microsharp designs and manufactures a wide variety of lens designs.

  • Lenses can be of any resonable length required. Individual lens sections can be up to 1m. 

  • Multiple sections can be used to create wider structures.

  • The optimal concentration ratio of a primary lens is in the region of X15 - X20 suns.

  • The optimal focal length is usually X1 - X2 the width.


Lens Shapes

  • We typically produce 3 types of lenses...

  • Flat Lenses - these can also be produced as multiple strip parquets in one sheet.

  • Curved lenses - these lenses show improved optical properties when compared to flat lenses.

  • Faceted Lense - constructed of multiple sections this design is used for wider lenses and give the optimum balance of performance and ease of construction.

 Linear Lens Brochure

Faceted Lens Brochure  


Lens Constuction

  • Film lenses - Are typically used stretched over frames under a glass cover. This solution represents a low weight, low cost solution for  smaller structures.

  • Rigid lenses - The lens film is bonded to a PMMA sheet to provide rigidity.


Our Service

Microsharp offers a bespoke lens design and development service to ensure each lens perfectly matches the requirements of a customer's system.

 This service includes...

  • Lens design and performance modelling using proprietary in-house software packages

  • Production tooling design and manufacture

  • Initial hand cast test samples

  • 'Pilot plant', small scale test manufacturing

  • Full scale commercial manufacturing (current internal capacity 1.5 million m? per year).


Samples and Evaluation Kits 


We normally design and develop bespoke lenses to meet each individual customer's requirements. However we do have a number of lens designs available as evaulation samples.

The following films and laminated sheets are avaible as evaluation kits and samples.

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