3D & Holographic Priniting
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Most 3D and moving image lenticular printing use 'relatively coarse' lenticular films in the range of 40 - 100 LPl.

These films are usually in the range of 350 - 850 microns thick. 

Whilst these films provide high quality images, the substrate thickness and rigidity can cause problems, particulary in label applications where a thin profile is preferable.

Thicker films can also be problematic if the lenticular is to be laminated to a curved surface (in the case in packaging applications).

Recent advances in digital printing technology mean that achieving good register at very high resolutions is now a reality. This means that ever finer lenticular structures can be used.

Our continuous UV casting process can produce highly accurate ultra fine lenticulars on very thin films making thinner lenticular structures a reality.

We produce lenticular structures on substrates in the 100 - 250 micron ranges with LPI values in the region of 150 - 300 LPI .

Two sample structures are available in roll widths of up to 1000mm or sheeted to customer requirements.

180 LPI Lenticular Film  / 250 micron PET

279 LPi Lenticular Film / 100 micron PET

 We can also develop and manufacture films to specific customer designs at ranges of 100 - 400 LPI with structures designed to meet clients exact requirements for viewing angle.